This Takes Me Back

One of the many pieces of art created on degree course whilst on the BAVI. The title is Freudian Slip. I’ll set the scene. It’s a first date. She drops her bag and the contents fall out. That WTF moment he realises you’re a bit wild. Hahaha. I was lucky to study art for two years after leaving school so I had a bit of a head start. The aim was also to demonstrate dynamic perspective in this image and other qualities along with multi media usage. Passed with A+ I think on this particular drawing/paper. So long ago, but I have always loved drawing and painting, and taught all my kids how to draw from the moment they could hold a pencil. Art was something I wanted to pursue after leaving the course, but shifted from Gr Manchester to Preston where I met my first husband and the rest was history. I did study film photography on this course though, and graphic art, which was to prove useful for the future in terms of composition in camera. My graphic art teacher at that time was Bryan Talbot. I loved his Judge Dredd comic character. He taught us to print from metal etching and other print making techniques as well as hand drawn graphic art he is mostly known for.

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