R Miller

I’m commenting on my domain blog, to notify you that I’m unsure about the Miller account on Pinterest and whether it is yours. I did start to analyse some of the pins as they seemed relevant, but I’m confused with some of the content, so maybe not. In fact none of the accounts I’ve been following may actually be yours. I chose to post here, as I know you monitor this blog, and I’ve never linked to it from my Pinterest account, so it would not be checked by anyone on Pinterest.

As I’m unsure as to whether that or the Msy account is yours, I’m commenting here to notify you that I’m a little tired of the way you choose to communicate with me and confused as to who it is communicating so will leave it here until I receive standard communication. I don’t care what problems or issues you have in your life, be they health or otherwise, there is no reason to be so cagey or secretive around me that you’d have to resort to the type of communication that you do.

To that end, you’re going to have to communicate in a standard way by messenger, or email, or not at all. I’m tired of this silly game and really do not have the time or emotional resources right now to play it.

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