Projects 2020

The images on this website are place holder images currently as I lost a lot of completed work after discovering one of my storage drives was faulty.  I still have all the DNG’s… so it’s back for a rework. Many were rush edited anyway under pressure on degree and I have the time and want to learn a few new techniques re fine art portraiture. From 2020 I will be taking my photographic art in a more broader direction as I am currently planning and renovating our attached garage as a studio. I’ll be looking for female models who are more interested in the “tasteful” nude pinup category to flesh out my portfolio and will be doing more fashion portfolio work. If you’re a model and interested, and have linked to my website via model mayhem, then do let me know via the contact link so I can note your contact details. Most of the work will be done either in my studio (which is currently in progress: renovation), or on location (discreet). This is always been something I wanted to pursue, but have not had the studio lighting setup to do this unfortunately. This is with a view to selling fine art photographic prints. Currently scouting private locations and creating backdrops in my home for this. If you wish to get an idea of the type of nude fine art I’ll be doing, then see the work of  Trevor & Faye Yerbury (UK Photographers). I will also be working on further Pinup and Boudoir portfolio so drop me a line. My mojo is Baaaak – hahaha


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